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Community Cultivators of Central Arkansas

Community is what we make it. Some ideas just need doing.

What we are doing now

Building a Local Food System

Community-based food systems provide a structure on which to build other local enterprises. We’re working with growers and distributors, farmers’ markets, restaurants, and consumers to tackle the root causes of hunger and malnutrition in Central Arkansas.

  • Vestal Urban
    Farming Project

    In an effort to promote healthier eating and community engagement, we’re helping Vestal develop a youth focused education facility that creates opportunities for students to participate in every aspect of the urban farming process.

  • Arkansas Food
    Resource Co-op

    Building a sustainable food system will take people working together. We're hoping the Co-op can help make that happen. In addition to providing access to tools, materials and training, we'll work with our members to form a common brand to promote local food in Central Arkansas.

  • Regional and Seasonal Food Guide

    We’re working with various members of the community to create a seasonal food guide for Central Arkansas growers. The guide will provide growing tips, local recipes, preservation methods, and information on farmers markets in the area.

Who we are

The People Tree is a Central Arkansas non-profit focused on turning community ideas into community action. Founded the Fall of 2010, The People Tree works with various members of the community to promote societal systems that are economically, environmentally, and socially just. From strategic consulting and project management to funding and community engagement, we’re working tirelessly to make Central Arkansas a community of service and action.

Mike Rush
Community Gardens Director
Josh Fendley
Emily English
Co-op Director

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